Henderson Road School (later Upper Merion Junior-Senior High)

Photo credit: Pioneer Yearbook 1936

Built in 1930, it was originally a consolidated 1st grade to 12th grade school. For the first time, students in Upper Merion could stay in the township up to graduation. Formerly, Upper Merion paid tuition to Norristown for students to continue their education. There was some controversy over the siting of the building - residents in the more northern areas would have preferred a more central location. The 10-acre tract of land at Henderson and Montgomery Avenue (now Gulph Road) was purchased for $20,000.

With the construction of the new Gulph Elementary School in 1953, it became a junior-senior high. Due to overcrowding, it was converted to a junior high in 1958, and was eventually closed in 1964 when the new Upper Merion Junior High was completed.

It was later sold and is now The Merion Building.

Photo credit: Pioneer Yearbook

Photo credit: Russell Rubert

Photo credit: Microsoft Bing screen shot reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation.